While it is common to see architects and interior designers working together, we believe the added value of graphic design provides us with a unique tool in our toolbox.  Everything we do is weighed against the value it provides to our clients.  We are constantly mindful of how we can improve on the services we offer.

The design team at Hood-Rich is comprised of architecture, interior design, and graphic design professionals.




  • Master Planning
  • Programming
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Building Design
  • Building Performance and Analysis


Architects help design the future. In essence, we design space, but the work of an architect has a lasting impact that begins much sooner than a set of drawings.  The services we offer often begin in the early stages of an idea or business and continue through construction and beyond.






  • Custom Material Graphics
  • Sign Graphics
  • Logo Design & Brochures
  • Website Design


We believe our services in graphic design are distinctive and defines how we design. As digital technology has evolved, so has the way we implement that into materials and finishes. The result is our ability to offer clients a consistent brand from their website to their new office environment.




Interior design is a growing industry as clients recognize the value of intentional finishes and comprehensive planning.  We provide this service to complement our building designs and provide clients with a unified team of designers working toward common goals.




  • Furnishings
  • Space Planning
  • Interior Finishes


We are constantly mindful of how we can

improve on the services we offer.