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Our Vision

Where We Began

Hood-Rich Architecture was established in 1963 and is located in downtown Springfield, Missouri. Through the years, Hood-Rich has been privileged to employ numerous quality professionals who have been instrumental in our success. Jack Hood is a founding member of Hood-Rich. His legacy inspires the new leadership and his presence is a reminder that hard work and dedication to core values will lead to success.

One of the keys to our success over the last 60+ years has been investing in our employees. Our founder, Jack Hood, has been a staple in the company since day one. He continues to share his knowledge and expertise with our entire team and through that transfer of knowledge, we've been able to grow our entire team into what it is today.

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Where We've Been

Our team of designers focus on good design and quality service. This focus is paramount as we build lasting relationships with our clients. Our existence would not be possible without the trust our clients have given us in our 50+ years of service. The breadth of work completed by HoodRich includes churches, schools, parks and recreation, hotels, healthcare, and office buildings to name a few. The design team at Hood-Rich is comprised of architecture and interior design which gives us the ability to provide a full service design approach to our projects. Everything we do is weighed against the value it provides to our clients and we are constantly mindful of how we can improve on the services we offer.

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Architecture That Tells Your Story

We are designers trying to tell a story, your story. In order for us to do this, we want you to trust us. Trust is a trademark here at Hood-Rich, and is a quality that was instilled in all of us by our founder, Jack Hood. We want you to look back on your project with complete satisfaction in knowing that you were treated fairly, led wisely, and listened to throughout the entire process. We believe our measure of success is in your satisfaction.

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